eye colour
hair color
Auburn Grey
178 cm /5 ft 10 in
English, Afrikaans, German
American- various, English PR, Scottish, Irish, German, Russian
Singing | Gun Handling  | Swimming | Diving | Musical Instruments
Date Of Birth
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Bart Fouché

Bart has spent a life in entertainment, ever since his voice broke at 12.
This led to his first paid career as a child actor who sounded like a grown-up baritone.
Off this, came school and varsity plays, leading to him studying Film and Theatre BSc at Uni Pretoria.
His work behind the camera as 1st AD gave him great opportunity to watch how great, and not so great actors ply their trade.
This international exposure to actors became invaluable as he grew into a reliable and internationally recognised performer.
Highlights are many, but working with Mr Eastwood, and playing the bad guy opposite Kate Beckinsale’s Widow take precedence.
This by no means the diminishes the long list of A-List actors, Bart has appeared with.
At 60, Bart has spent 40 years building a credible actor’s CV available on ImDB.