eye colour
hair color
salt and pepper
169 cm /5 ft 6 in
German, English , French
German , French , Hessian
Swimming | Diving
Date Of Birth
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Nikola Kress

"Nikola Kress completed her training in acting at the renowned Academy for Music, Theatre and Media in Hannover in 1982 with an Honours Degree.
Her first stage appearance was at the famous Grips Theatre in Berlin, followed by numerous engagements at various Theatre Houses throughout Germany.
With the role of Angelika in the German Movie “Singles” under director Eckie Ziedrich and a lead part in the TV Series “Harmony” in 1987, she started her Film and Television career and has since appeared in many German Film and TV productions with acclaimed directors like Peter Schulze-Rohr, Nico Hoffmann, Martin Gies, Dieter Wedel, Carlo Rola, and many more.
In 1997, she extended her field of action to Cape Town and has since been featured in several international Feature Films.
Nikola has since expanded her artistic repertoire to become a virtuous painter, with a main emphasis on oil painting.
Nikola resides both in Germany and Cape Town and has worked on established TV formats in Germany and Cape Town.