eye colour
blue green
hair color
160 cm /5 ft 2 in
Singing | Dancing | Horse Riding | Gun Handling  | Martial Arts | Swimming | Surfing | Roller Blading
Date Of Birth
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Jazzara Jaslyn

"Jazzara Jaslyn is an actress, writer and director born and based in Cape Town, South Africa.
She graduated from UCT in 2014 with a BA in Theatre and Performance.
A promising theatre career ensued, including the stage adaption of Fatal Attraction and most recently starring in the West End hit play LUNGS.
Notable film and television roles include Eliza Pendleton in WARRIOR Season 3, Jane Swann in Professionals (Brendan Fraser), Olympia in Cinderella Story (Warner Brothers), Miranda Hugo in Lioness (MNET, Showmax), and Jessica in A Family Affair (Joe Wilkinson, Jane Asher).
She has also danced her whole life, from ballet to flamenco to figure-skating, but contemporary dance and weird dancing in her lounge are her favourite kinds of movement. Jazzara has a deep passion for exploring the human condition, for seeing the beauty and humour in life, which has now manifested in her creating her own work as a writer and director.
Her debut short-film a knowing will be released later this year, which explores the reclamation of ancient wisdom and intuition inherent in us all, with the focus on women.
Sometimes comedian, she is also known for co-creating a satirical sketch-comedy series GOALS and other eccentric appearances on Instagram."