eye colour
hair color
166 cm /5 ft 5 in
English, German, Afrikaans, French
American, British, German, French (good ear)
Dancing | Horse Riding | Roller Blading  | Singing
Date Of Birth
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Heike Brunner

Heike is a multi-lingual stage/screen performer and voice artist working in English, German, French and Afrikaans.
After graduating from Drama School, Heike spent 12 years living in France and performed on stages and in Festivals across Europe and the UK.
She trained at acting studios in Los Angeles and performed off-Broadway in New York City.
Heike is the co-creator of 'Doris & Donna', a short-form YouTube series, and plays Doris.
Her career highlights include playing a super-bitch in Sign Language in a deaf TV soap opera, working with San Francisco's Word For Word theatre company and most recently, landing a role in an action film with Viola Davis.