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166 cm /5 ft 5 in
Afrikaans, English
SA English & Afrikaans variations
Swimming | Dancing | Singing
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Adri Vivier

"At 60, Adri Vivier re-entered the world of film and television as a presenter on the Afrikaans reality show - OUMA WEET MOS – as a Gran who always has a plan! This entertaining show, produced by WYRD Films, ran for two successful seasons on the Via DStv Channel 147 and received a SAFTA nomination [2021] in the Best International Format Show category.
As one of three funky, talkative Grannies, Adri shared wisdom and life experiences with the participants after listening to and embracing their stories and struggles.
OUMA WEET MOS [OWM] gave Adri the ideal opportunity to brush up on her auditioning, presenting and acting skills. After OWM, Adri was invited to join yet another reality show - this time around a sex talk show called UIT DIE SLAAPKAMER [#UDS] with the well-known sexologist dr Elna Rudolph. Adri represented the older woman, mother and educator on this open, honest, and fun boudoir talk show - nogals in Afrikaans! - with fellow panellists Neels van Jaarsveld and Bianca la Grange.
The first two seasons [26 episodes] were produced by POP Productions for Via DStv Channel 147 and viewed/replayed till December 2022. Apart from reality television, Adri also performed cameo roles in the previous season of Die Byl [Marche Media] and Projek Dina [Penguin Films]. On the advert platform, she has appeared in an international BRITA ad in 2023.
She performed the role of a skilled woman [and mother] technician using heavy-duty welding tools! To summarise her career of 40+ years, you have to appreciate her kaleidoscope of alternative routes taken, opportunities seized, and passion projects followed whilst always surrendering unconditionally to motherhood! And recently to grannyhood! But all the roads travelled hitherto - from journalism, public relations, marketing, and modelling to judging, coaching, teaching, scribing and mentoring – have always been intertwined with ACTING in its broadest sense, on various platforms and certainly out-of-the-box ways!"